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TAG MedStaffing enables medical assistants to combine their professional talents to create the lifestyle they desire. With job opportunities statewide, you can advance your career while discovering new places. We support medical assistants at all levels, from newcomers to seasoned veterans. Leverage our team to join an organization committed to empowering your personal and professional growth across Pennsylvania.

*Disclaimer: Medical Assistant compensation may vary based on facility budgets, seasonal demand, and other factors. Packages can include a mix of taxable wages and non-taxable reimbursements.

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The Diversity of Medical Assistant Careers in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, medical assistants serve a vital function within the healthcare sector, undertaking critical clinical and administrative duties to facilitate the delivery of patient care. Working closely with physicians, nurses, specialists, and administrative personnel, medical assistants enable the smooth and efficient operations of healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, and specialized practices.
The responsibilities of medical assistants vary depending on their specific work environment, which may range from large hospitals to specialized clinics focused on a particular medical field. While formal licensure is not compulsory to practice as a medical assistant in the state, obtaining voluntary certification demonstrates expertise, professionalism, and a commitment to excelling within the role.
Below are some examples of the numerous medical assistant career opportunities available in Pennsylvania.
Surgical Medical Assistant

Surgical medical assistants provide support in surgical settings, assisting surgeons and the surgical team during procedures. See here for more information about their responsibilities, average salary, and qualifications.

Cardiology Medical Assistant

Cardiology medical assistants work alongside cardiologists to provide patient care and administrative support in cardiology settings. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Chiropractic Medical Assistant

Chiropractic medical assistants play a crucial role in supporting chiropractors who focus on treating mechanical disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Administrative Medical Assistant

Administrative medical assistants focus on handling administrative duties in healthcare settings. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Administrative Medical Assistant

Clinical medical assistants are an integral part of healthcare teams in clinical settings. Their primary role involves direct patient care and support for healthcare professionals. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Pediatric Medical Assistants

Pediatric medical assistants focus on providing support in pediatric healthcare settings. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Dermatology Medical Assistant

Dermatology medical assistants work alongside dermatologists in medical offices, clinics, or dermatology departments of hospitals. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Podiatric Medical Assistant

Podiatric medical assistants work in podiatrist offices, specializing in foot-related disorders and injuries. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Ophthalmologic Medical Assistant

Ophthalmologic medical assistants contribute to the care of patients with eye-related disorders and injuries in ophthalmologists' offices. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Obstetric Medical Assistant

For those interested in women's healthcare, an obstetric medical assistant career may be appealing. This specialized field requires a broad knowledge of care for women of all ages and life stages. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Medical Assistants in High Demand Across Pennsylvania

At TAG MedStaffing, our expertise provides unique perspectives on healthcare hiring patterns, including burgeoning needs for talented medical assistants across Pennsylvania. We have identified key elements catalyzing Pennsylvania’s explosive growth for these adaptable allied health professionals statewide. What’s driving Pennsylvania’s soaring medical assistant job market?

Read on to learn more about the contributing factors.

1. Healthcare Network Growth Across PA

Pennsylvania has experienced a rapid expansion of healthcare facilities over the past decade to provide greater access to underserved populations. Health systems across the state have undertaken ambitious building projects in recent years, such as new hospitals, outpatient centers, clinics, and telehealth hubs. This healthcare infrastructure growth significantly increases the hiring demand for medical assistants to staff these new facilities across Pennsylvania.

A 2021 report projected that over 25,000 medical assistant jobs will be added in Pennsylvania through 2028 – a 17% growth rate that far outpaces the national average. More open positions require an influx of new assistants who have the necessary clinical training and expertise.

2. Retirement Wave Of Existing Medical Assistants

Experts project that 40% of Pennsylvania’s over 34,000 practicing certified medical assistants will retire over the next 8 years. This will create a staffing gap as long-tenured MAs leave and health systems scramble to replace their expertise. Additionally, shortages exist for clinical instructors to train the next generation. Facilities will need to recruit aggressively to fill openings, presenting abundant job options for qualified MAs entering the field.

The impending retirement cliff for Pennsylvania’s medical assistants underscores the need for expanded educational pathways to train new talent. Technical and vocational schools have an opportunity to develop certification programs tailored to high school graduates interested in allied health careers.

3. Investments In Outpatient & Telehealth Option

Health systems are prioritizing convenient outpatient centers, telehealth access, and specialty clinics to deliver streamlined care. These facilities lean heavily on well-rounded medical assistants to handle patient coordination, EHR, back-office medicine, and routine care alongside physicians. For example, the number of physician office visits in Pennsylvania handled by advanced medical assistants rose by 15% in 2022. This drives sustained demand.

The growth in outpatient facilities and reliance on medical assistants looks set to accelerate. One forecast predicts a 7% annual increase in MA jobs in Pennsylvania through 2030 – more than double the national average. Health systems cite benefits like improved patient satisfaction, increased physician productivity, and lower overhead costs with effective MA utilization.


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