Cardiology Medical Assistants

Career Guide: Salary, Job Duties, and More

This page offers details on the expected salaries, day-to-day job duties, and additional insights for those exploring or considering a career as a cardiology medical assistant.


What is a Cardiology Medical Assistant?

Cardiovascular medicine requires strong teams to deliver robust care while optimizing patient outcomes. Specifically, cardiology medical assistants serve crucial roles across various departments from front to back of the house.

Their adaptiveness allows them to verify records, liaise across teams, meticulously prepare materials, learn complex technologies, calibrate instruments, perform specialized tests, assist delicate surgeries, procure samples, sterilize operating rooms, monitor intensive units, educate families on rehabilitation requirements, file accurate reports, reorder supplies proactively, and transport patients safely.

Leading institutions invest deeply in training and development programs to nurture assistants’ patient-centric mindset, standard methodologies adherence, attention to detail, grace under pressure, and effective communication. 

How Do I Become a Cardiology Medical Assistant?

Cardiology medical assistants play a critical role in cardiac catheterization labs and other cardiology settings. They assist cardiologists before, during, and after invasive cardiovascular procedures. If you’re interested in beginning a career as a cardiology medical assistant, follow these steps:

Cardiology Medical Assistant

Key Responsibilities of a Cardiology Medical Assistant

The role requires expertise in cardiovascular procedures, familiarity with specialized equipment, and knowledge of patient safety best practices. Cardiology medical assistants provide critical assistance so that cardiologists can effectively concentrate on the complexities of each procedure.

What is the Salary of a Cardiology Assistant?

The outlook for careers as cardiology medical assistants looks highly promising over the next decade due to projected job growth that should greatly exceed national averages. Several key factors are driving strong demand. An aging population with increasing cardiovascular disease will require more cardiac procedures and interventions. Advancing medical technology and imaging for cardiology will also necessitate assistants trained on this specialized equipment. Additionally, the shift toward outpatient facilities for many heart procedures spurs a need for capable assistants in these settings.

Cardiology assistants with the proper certification and adaptability to perform varied cardiac procedures should see growing job opportunities and potential for advancement. The combination of rapid occupational expansion and the value placed on specialized cardiology assistants points to an environment with abundant prospects. For those looking to enter healthcare in the years ahead, training to work in cardiology could be one of the most rewarding paths available.

National Average: $41,720.00

U.S. RegionsAverage Salary

Additional Key Information:

Salary Range$33,254.00 entry level to $52,100.00+
Common BenefitsHealth insurance, retirement, vacation & bonuses


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