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TAG MedStaffing empowers licensed practical nurses to align their clinical expertise with personally fulfilling work. With LPN job opportunities available statewide, you can progress professionally while exploring new locations. We support LPNs at all stages of their careers – from new grads to experienced veterans. Rely on our team to join an organization dedicated to championing your individual well-being alongside ongoing development as an LPN across Hawaii.

*Disclaimer: LPN compensations may vary based on facility budgets, seasonal demand, and other factors. Packages can include a mix of taxable wages and non-taxable reimbursements.

Benefits of Becoming a LPN

Pursuing a career as a LPN in Hawaii offers a quick, affordable path into the medical field. LPN programs in Hawaii take just 1 year to complete, after which ample job opportunities await in the state’s growing healthcare industry. The average LPN in Hawaii earns over $50,000 annually. This stable living wage allows LPNs to make a meaningful impact caring directly for patients across the state’s many healthcare facilities. Experienced Hawaii LPNs can also advance their careers over time through RN bridge programs offered at various colleges.

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Specialized Career Paths for Licensed Practical Nurses

LPNs build meaningful connections with patients while carrying out care plans from supervising doctors and nurses. LPNs work in various settings like hospitals and nursing facilities, providing basic care and emotional support.

Seasoned LPNs may specialize in areas like geriatrics or pediatrics, take on leadership roles, or transition into teaching. No matter their specific role, LPNs make a real difference through the caring bonds they form with patients while aiding their treatment and recovery. Below are some examples of the many LPN careers you can pursue.

LPNs can choose to specialize in cardiology to provide care to patients with heart conditions. Cardiology LPNs work closely with cardiologists and other healthcare providers to monitor, assess, and care for patients before, during, and after cardiac procedures and surgeries.

Click here to learn more about the responsibilities, salary, and qualifications for a cardiology LPN.

LPNs can work in chiropractic settings to assist with patient care and office/clinic operations. Chiropractic LPNs collaborate with chiropractors to provide quality care to patients undergoing spinal adjustments, manipulations, or other alternative treatments.

Click here to learn more about the responsibilities, salary, and qualifications for a chiropractic LPN.

LPNs provide vital patient care and support in a wide variety of clinical settings under the direction of registered nurses and physicians. Clinical LPNs work closely with healthcare teams to deliver direct bedside nursing care to patients in facilities like hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, and more.

Click here to learn more about the responsibilities, salary, and qualifications of a clinical LPN.

For those interested in women’s healthcare, becoming an LPN specializing in obstetric care may be appealing. This specialized field requires a broad knowledge of care for women of all ages and life stages. LPNs in this area assist with prenatal care, labor and delivery, postpartum care, and general gynecological health.

Click here for more about the responsibilities, salary, and qualifications for LPNs in women’s healthcare.

Pediatric LPNs play a vital role in caring for children in medical settings. Duties involve assisting pediatricians and registered nurses with providing medical care and emotional support to pediatric patients.

Click here to learn more about the responsibilties, salary, and qualifications for a pediatric LPN.

LPNs can choose to specialize in dermatology to help treat patients with skin conditions under the direction of a dermatologist. Dermatology LPNs play a key role in assisting with exams, procedures, patient education, and coordinating care.

Click here to learn more about the responsibilities, salary, and qualifications for a dermatology LPN.

LPNs can specialize in ophthalmology to help provide care to patients undergoing treatment for various eye conditions and diseases. Ophthalmology LPNs assist ophthalmologists in delivering quality eye care through assessments, procedures, surgery, medication management, and patient education.

Click here to learn more about the responsibilties, salary, and qualifications for a ophthalmology LPN.

LPNs can choose to specialize in podiatry to care for patients with foot, ankle, and lower leg conditions under the direction of podiatrists. Podiatric LPNs assist podiatrists in providing treatments and procedures to improve patient mobility, comfort, and quality of life.

Click here to learn more about the responsibilities, salary, and qualifications for a podiatric LPN.


What are the Responsibilities of a LPN?

Licensed practical nurses are integral providers of hands-on patient care across healthcare settings in Hawaii. Their daily duties encompass an array of critical tasks and responsibilities, including administering medications, monitoring vital signs, charting, assisting with activities of daily living, utilizing medical equipment after training, and regularly updating registered nurses and physicians.

The multifaceted LPN role demands strong communication, focus, empathy, critical thinking, and endurance. LPNs balance pressing responsibilities while coordinating care on their unit. They often update records, direct nursing assistants, teach patients and families, and more. Though LPNs have a different scope than RNs, their hard work and dedication play an invaluable role on healthcare teams and in patient recovery each day.

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