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TAG MedStaffing Answers Tennessee's Mental Health Crisis

Confronting Tennessee's Urgent Mental Health Challenge

Tennessee is in the midst of a growing mental health crisis as the state grapples with a severe shortage of counseling and psychiatric services. Mental health resources are failing to meet surging demand, leaving many Tennesseans struggling with anxiety, depression, and emotional distress with nowhere to turn.

The supply of counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists falls severely short of the escalating need for care. Those seeking help face excruciatingly long wait times for appointments, spanning weeks or even months. Rural areas of Tennessee are especially underserved, with less than one mental health professional per 1,000 residents in many counties.

Mental Health Crisis at a Glance:

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As Tennessee grapples with a growing shortage of mental health professionals, TAG MedStaffing is helping expand access to psychiatric and counseling services statewide. By providing qualified nurses and allied health professionals, we enable more Tennesseans to get the mental health care they desperately need during this crisis.

Tennessee Questioned on Failure to Distribute Family Assistance Funds

A recent article from News From The States sharply highlights Tennessee’s failure to distribute over $717 million in federal assistance funds allocated for underprivileged state families living in poverty. While Tennessee has amassed an excess reserve surplus by repeatedly underspending its yearly Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) allotment for over a decade, close to 29,000 adults and children currently depend on the state’s “Families First” aid program and remain in need.

In response to harsh criticism, Tennessee officials recently pledged efforts to draw down more reserves by distributing multi-year grants to community organizations and upgrading computer management systems. But state lawmakers across party lines have called these measures into question, claiming they lack strong enough provisions for delivering meaningful, material relief directly to Tennessee families struggling to make ends meet in the near-term.

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TAG MedStaffing: Your Psychiatric & Behavioral Health Staffing Partner

As Tennessee works urgently to expand mental health services and access to meet growing needs, recruiting specialized psychiatric providers presents immense challenges for healthcare facilities. Between substantial workforce shortages and the strain of the pandemic, many organizations lack adequate staff capacity to keep pace with intensifying demand.

TAG MedStaffing Provides Targeted Solutions:

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