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We connect healthcare professionals with job opportunities in Tennessee

Complete Healthcare Workforce Provisions

TAG MedStaffing offers an all-encompassing suite of healthcare staffing solutions – including travel, temp-to-hire, per diem, permanent, contract, and more – conveniently available from a single provider, unlike other medical staffing agencies.

We Deliver Timely and Efficient Staffing

We collaborate with regional healthcare organizations to connect job seekers with promising career fits in Tennessee. Our services simplify the search process for both clinical and non-clinical positions, spanning medical centers, private practices, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and more.

By understanding each applicant’s unique story and background, we can effectively identify and match them with roles that align with their skills and experience.

Allied Health Staffing

Choose from Allied Professionals from Many Disciplines and Settings

Our far-reaching network connects allied health personnel with positions across all places, be it hospitals, acute care centers, rehab clinics, assisted living, or anywhere in between. TAG MedStaffing offers the allied health experts organizations need to ensure quality patient outcomes.

Complete Nurse Staffing Solutions

A Far-Reaching Network of Rigorously Vetted, Incredibly Trained Professionals

Whether needing assistance covering shifts or occupying positions, our nursing personnel solutions at TAG MedStaffing provide customized staffing services. We prioritize teaming with you, strategizing together, providing wisdom gained from experience, and enabling your group to identify staffing solutions tailored to your crucial nurse staffing needs.

Revenue Cycle Staffing

Customizable Services For Evolving Healthcare Needs

We offer seasoned temporary and additional staff to manage varying revenue cycle demands. Select from brief or extended options to fill vacancies, cover absences, handle seasonal fluctuations, and more. We take care of the talent acquisition process while providing flexible resources to align with your financial targets and performance indicators. Our tailored solutions can be rapidly expanded or reduced as needed.

Healthcare Payroll Services

Social Work Solutions

Fostering Growth Through Partnership

We provide experienced interim and supplemental medical and social work professionals to handle fluctuating workloads. Choose short or long-term staffing solutions to cover vacancies, leaves, seasonal volumes, and more. Our team handles the talent supply chain while also offering variable capacities to meet your budget and metrics. 

Physician & Advanced Practice Staffing

A Diverse Network of Eager-to-Work Doctors and Advanced Practitioners

With a history of guiding organizations through shifting landscapes, TAG Medstaffing provides steadfast, physician and advanced practitioner staffing and placement support for locum tenens or permanent roles, enabling the delivery of high-quality patient care without compromising profitability or efficiency.

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Fostering open communication, promoting team building, offering development opportunities, improving workflow, and encouraging health and wellness are 5 key strategies to support nursing teams. Implementing these practices helps nurses feel valued and empowered, leading to better patient outcomes, improved retention, and a positive workplace culture.

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Healthcare Staffing Shortages
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How Healthcare Facilities Can Manage Staffing Shortages

Hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide are grappling with substantial staffing challenges, particularly in recruiting nurses and physicians. These shortages pose a serious threat to patient access and the quality of care provided. From rural clinics to large urban hospitals, addressing these workforce gaps is crucial, and innovative strategies must be implemented to ensure effective healthcare delivery. Explore proven staffing approaches below to navigate these challenges successfully.

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