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Welcome to TAG MedStaffing’s team of healthcare recruiters. We connect passionate physician positions with fulfilling career opportunities across the United States.

We focus on matching talented physician and assistants with openings that fit their expertise, interests, and availability. Leveraging our extensive network, we find positions tailored to each provider’s unique skills and preferences.

If you’re exploring new opportunities in the medical field, we encourage you to complete the form below. If we find a good match between your qualifications and our requirements, our team will reach out to learn more about how we can support your career goals. 

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Why are Physician Jobs In-Demand?

Physicians are in high demand for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, the demographic landscape in many nations is shifting towards an increasingly elderly population. As individuals age, they tend to require more extensive healthcare services, making the presence of skilled physicians paramount. This demographic trend is expected to persist, driving the need for medical professionals who can provide essential care to the aging populace.

Secondly, the rapid advancements in medical technology and treatment options have expanded the spectrum of medical conditions that can be addressed. This diversification, in turn, necessitates a growing demand for specialized physicians. Emerging fields like telemedicine, robotic surgery, and personalized medicine require expert practitioners who can navigate and further the frontiers of medical innovation. As healthcare knowledge and capabilities continue to evolve, the requirement for proficient physicians to deliver comprehensive care remains steadfast.

Lastly, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the critical role of healthcare professionals, notably physicians, in the realm of public health, emergency response, and patient care. This global health crisis has heightened awareness regarding the indispensable contributions of healthcare practitioners, amplifying the respect and recognition of their work. Consequently, there is an increased demand for their services across various healthcare settings.

What are the Responsibilities of a Physician?

A physician’s responsibilities are multifaceted and demanding, rooted in the commitment to safeguarding and improving the health and well-being of patients. Their primary duty is to diagnose and treat medical conditions, employing their extensive knowledge of medical science and clinical expertise. Physicians conduct thorough examinations, order diagnostic tests, and prescribe appropriate treatments, medications, or surgical procedures.

In addition to patient care, physicians also play a critical role in educating patients about their health conditions, potential treatment options, and preventive measures. They must communicate complex medical information in a comprehensible manner, empowering patients to make informed decisions regarding their health. Moreover, physicians collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as nurses, pharmacists, and specialists, to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care for patients.

Ethical considerations are fundamental to a physician’s role. They must adhere to the highest standards of medical ethics, respecting patient confidentiality, informed consent, and privacy. Furthermore, physicians are often involved in research, medical teaching, and advocacy, contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge, the education of future physicians, and the promotion of public health policies. This multifaceted array of responsibilities underscores the pivotal role physicians play in the healthcare ecosystem.

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Our Healthcare Staffing Services
Temporary Staffing
Bolster your staff during busy periods, to adapt to the higher demand, and scale back when you don’t need the extra help. Leveraging our skilled temporary employees allows you to remain agile depending on demand while benefitting by staying profitable.

Hire an employee on a temporary basis before deciding whether to commit to a full-time employment offer.  Evaluate a candidate for skills, work ethic, and cultural fit, and then transfer them to your payroll if you wish to hire them permanently.

Travel Nursing & Healthcare Staffing

Leverage our extensive network of traveling nurses and healthcare professionals to adapt to seasonal demand, cover staffing gaps, or grow your facility. You'll be able to reduce stress on your existing team by adding skilled travel professionals, all without increasing your full-time headcount.

Direct Hire

If your organization is in need of full time healthcare professionals, TAG MedStaffing can handle sourcing, screening, and credentialing so you find the people you need to fill vital positions – fast.

Executive Search

From Medical Directors to Chief Marketing Officers and other high-level executives, you need the right people in leadership to ensure success at your healthcare facility.  We can discreetly source top talent and present you with a shortlist of qualified candidates, in a timely and structured manner.


Transfer the temporary employees of your choosing onto our payroll system.  Let TAG MedStaffing handle the administrative burden, including tax withholdings, paycheck distribution, workers’ compensation, unemployment, and more.

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