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TAG MedStaffing has been delivering pharmacy staffing excellence to pharmacies and hospitals across urban and rural areas nationwide for over 16 years. Our respect for local communities and full-service staffing has made us one of the most nationally reputed healthcare staffing agencies. 

Pharmacist Jobs in the U.S.

Why Partner with TAG MedStaffing?

Staffing pharmacy teams is what we do best. With a vast talent database of over 100,000 candidates, we readily identify qualified professionals from pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and inventory specialists to billing admins so we may configurably meet your full-time or part-time pharmacy staffing needs. 

We match the right pharmacists, technicians, managers, and other pharmacy professionals with short or extended assignments — ensuring consistency and stability across hospital, clinical, retail, specialty, compounding, mail order, long-term care, and other pharmacy settings.

Fill pharmacy staffing gaps due to leaves, absences, or increased demand with our customizable travel solutions.

Our experienced staff of over 100 in-house recruiters manage the logistics to provide qualified pharmacists, technicians, administrators, and other pharmacy professionals who readily step into vital temporary positions across all pharmacy settings, including hospital, clinical, retail, mail order, specialty, compounding, and more. We bridge the gap to ensure consistent coverage and operations.


We identify exceptional permanent pharmacy talent, handling the entire hiring process—from candidate screening to background checks to ensure candidates perfectly align for a long-term placement at your location.

We connect pharmacy professionals to short or long-term assignments that suit their skills and interests, fostering consistency and stability in your pharmacy operations. Through our temp-to-hire program, you can assess candidates’ abilities before making permanent hiring decisions, minimizing the risks associated with poor fits.

Pharmacist Jobs in the U.S.

Looking to Hire?

We recognize urgent staffing needs can arise. Our team is available during regular business hours to assist you.

Call us at (212)-271-1578 or send us a message at

Who Do We Staff?

  • Pharmacist
  • Staff Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Pharmacy District Manager
  • Pharmacy Regional Manager
  • Compounding Pharmacist
  • Specialty Pharmacy Pharmacist
  • Medication Therapy Management Pharmacist
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Travel Health Pharmacist
  • Call Center Pharmacist
  • Telepharmacy Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Information System Specialist
  • Pharmacy Buyer
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacy Technician Supervisor
  • Lead Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacy Clerk/Cashier
  • Pharmacy Inventory Control Specialist
  • And More

See all retail/community pharmacy jobs

  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Inpatient Pharmacist
  • ICU Pharmacist
  • Emergency Medicine Pharmacist
  • Pediatric Pharmacist
  • Oncology Pharmacist
  • Geriatric Pharmacist
  • Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Informatics Pharmacist
  • Investigational Drug Services Pharmacist
  • Compounding Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Buyer
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacy Inventory Specialist
  • Pharmacy Assistant Manager
  • Pharmacy Education Coordinator
  • Pharmacy Residency Program Director
  • And More

See all our hospital pharmacy jobs

  • Formulary Pharmacist
  • PBM Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Benefit Analyst
  • Pharmacy Network Coordinator
  • Pharmacy Claim Adjudicator
  • Pharmacy Prior Authorization Representative
  • Medication Therapy Management Pharmacist
  • Specialty Pharmacy Case Manager
  • Utilization Review Pharmacist
  • Medication Reconciliation Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Quality Specialist
  • Prescription Pricing Analyst
  • And More

See all our managed care pharmacy jobs

  • Chief Pharmacy Officer (CPO)
  • Director of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Supervisor
  • Vice President of Pharmacy Services
  • Chief Pharmacy Informatics Officer
  • Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer
  • Assistant Director of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Chief Pharmacy Procurement Officer
  • Senior Pharmacy Administrator
  • Pharmacy Operations Manager
  • And More

See all pharmacy leadership jobs

  • EHR Implementation Project Manager
  • Clinical Informatics Pharmacist
  • Healthcare Data Analyst
  • Healthcare Application Developer
  • Telehealth Coordinator
  • mHealth Product Manager
  • And More

See all project-based IT staffing

  • Interim Pharmacy Manager
  • Interim Director of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Compliance Officer
  • Pharmacy Operations Consultant
  • Clinical Pharmacy Consultant
  • And More

See all interim management/clinical consultant jobs 

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