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Are you a Speech Language Pathologist seeking to advance your career? Let’s collaborate! Submit your resume, and we’ll schedule a consultation. The best part? Our resume assessment and job matching services are completely FREE for you.

Here’s how it works: once we receive your resume we’ll schedule a call, you’ll provide us with insights into your ideal speech pathology role, experience, and workplace preferences. From there, leave it to us. We’ll thoughtfully match you with opportunities tailored to your expertise, interests, and priorities. Allow us to streamline your job search and connect you with roles that truly resonate with your goals.

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With more than 15 years of experience, we deeply understand the obstacles healthcare professionals encounter, and that’s why we are dedicated to providing meaningful support. Our career advisors are committed to your success, investing the time to truly comprehend your unique needs and priorities for your next professional move.

Countless professionals have propelled their careers forward with our guidance – and we eagerly anticipate being a part of your journey as well.

We connect Speech Language Pathologists with their perfect fit roles, customized to diverse specialties and environments. Whether your expertise lies in adult neurogenic communication disorders, pediatric language development, swallowing disorders, voice therapy, fluency disorders, cognitive-communication impairments, or any other niche within the field, we’re committed to assisting you.

With a wide-reaching network encompassing renowned hospitals, schools, private practices, rehabilitation centers, early intervention programs, and telehealth opportunities, we possess the knowledge to steer you toward rewarding career paths that match your expertise and interests. Let us empower you to discover fulfilling opportunities that align perfectly with your skills and passions.

Industry Insights

Temporary Staffing Solutions for Evolving Care Models
Industry Insights
TAG MedStaffing Team
Temporary Staffing Solutions for Evolving Care Models

As healthcare shifts toward preventative, coordinated care models, temporary staffing provides workforce agility to scale new approaches. Flexible talent accelerates implementation of hospital-at-home programs, retail clinics, telehealth expansions, population health initiatives, and targeted community services without permanent hiring lags.

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Medical Coders & Billers
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TAG MedStaffing Team
Medical Coders vs Billers: What’s the Difference?

Billing and coding are often conflated in healthcare administration, but in reality they require very different expertise to perform successfully. In this detailed excerpt, we outline the precise responsibilities and workflow divergences between medical coders versus medical billers that facility leaders need to recognize. Proper revenue cycle management relies on expertise in both disciplines, along with an understanding of how they complement within an overall system.

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