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Welcome to TAG MedStaffingVisit TAG MedStaffing's
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Our mission is clear: to link dedicated registered nurses, particularly those interested in travel assignments, with tailored job prospects that perfectly match their skills, preferences, and scheduling requirements. Whether you're seeking full-time positions at esteemed healthcare institutions or part-time roles in local clinics, we offer a diverse range of options tailored to your ambitions.
Leveraging our extensive network of partnerships across New York's healthcare sector, we collaborate closely with a wide array of healthcare organizations throughout the state. This ensures that we discover the perfect opportunity that aligns with your qualifications and background. Bid farewell to the challenges of job hunting and embrace the chance to provide patient-centered care, where your dedication meets our unwavering commitment.
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What Does a Travel Registered Nurse Do?

Travel registered nurses are highly skilled healthcare professionals who work in various locations and healthcare facilities across the country. They provide vital nursing care and support to patients in different geographic areas, often on temporary assignments. Travel RNs play a critical role in addressing healthcare staffing needs and ensuring that patients receive quality care wherever they are.

Key responsibilities of a travel registered nurse include:

    Assessing and monitoring patient conditions
    Administering medications and treatments
    Collaborating with healthcare teams
    Maintaining accurate medical records
    Providing patient education and support
    Adapting to different healthcare settings
    Ensuring patient safety and well-being

Travel RNs are dedicated to delivering high-quality patient care while experiencing diverse healthcare environments and contributing to the healthcare industry's flexibility and responsiveness.

Registered Nurse Demand Chart (2020)

Exclusive Insights into the Demand of Registered Nurses

At TAG MedStaffing, we understand the heartbeat of the healthcare industry. As a leading healthcare staffing firm, we are committed to cutting-edge research and data analysis. Our team diligently tracks the forces shaping the healthcare landscape, and this graph serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing invaluable insights.

Factors Contributing to the Elevated Demand for Registered Nurses

Below are the top four reasons why the demand for Registered Nurses remains consistently high, making RNs a valuable asset to any healthcare organization.

Growing Healthcare Sector
The growing healthcare sector, spurred by both an increasingly elderly population and ongoing medical breakthroughs, requires an expanded nursing workforce to adequately address the surging need for healthcare services.
Pandemic Impacts
The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the vital importance of nurses in the healthcare sector, leading to a continuous increase in the need for nursing professionals, especially during times of healthcare emergencies.
Specialized Roles and Technology
The evolution of nursing into specialized roles and the integration of technology into healthcare require nurses with advanced skills, contributing to the ongoing demand for highly trained nursing professionals.

These four factors underscore the persistent high demand for Registered Nurses, making nursing a promising and essential career path in the healthcare sector.

The chart above offers a visual representation of this demand, providing you with a deeper understanding of the healthcare job market's dynamics. We take pride in being your trusted source for healthcare staffing trends. For weekly insights on the latest healthcare trends please visit our blogVisit TAG MedStaffing's Blog.

Why Choose TAG MedStaffing?

As a leading healthcare staffing division, we are not just observers of these trends; we are the architects of successful healthcare careers. Our team of expert recruiters understand the nuances of the industry, matching the right professionals with the right opportunities. Whether you're a Registered Nurse aspiring to find a fulfilling career path or a healthcare facility in search of proficient personnel, we facilitate the convergence of talent and opportunity

We offer tailored staffing solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration into your healthcare team. TAG MedStaffing is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and professionalism in healthcare staffing.

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