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Healthcare Staffing Shortages
Industry Insights
TAG MedStaffing Team

How Healthcare Facilities Can Manage Staffing Shortages

Hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide are grappling with substantial staffing challenges, particularly in recruiting nurses and physicians. These shortages pose a serious threat to patient access and the quality of care provided. From rural clinics to large urban hospitals, addressing these workforce gaps is crucial, and innovative strategies must be implemented to ensure effective healthcare delivery. Explore proven staffing approaches below to navigate these challenges successfully.

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New EMR Systems
Explainer Guides
TAG MedStaffing Team

How to Quickly Acclimate to New EMR Systems

The transition to a new electronic medical records (EMR) system can be downright frustrating for healthcare staff who have built fluency using another platform. While growing pains are inevitable when switching EMR solutions, the acclimation period doesn’t have to drag on indefinitely.

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Growing Physician Demand
TAG MedStaffing Team

Unraveling the Complexities of Growing Physician Demand

Explore the seismic shift in the healthcare landscape as demand for physicians rises. Discover the physician density rankings across U.S. states, with Washington D.C. leading. Delve into the driving forces behind increasing physician demand, including the aging population and projected retirements.

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