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*Disclaimer: Medical Assistant compensation may vary based on facility budgets, seasonal demand, and other factors. Packages can include a mix of taxable wages and non-taxable reimbursements.

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Exploring the Varied Medical Assistant Career Paths in New Jersey

Medical assistants play a vital role as healthcare professionals carrying out an array of clinical and administrative responsibilities in clinics, hospitals, and other care settings. Their duties encompass taking care of patients, preparing exam rooms, keeping records, scheduling appointments, processing insurance claims, and assisting physicians, nurses, and additional clinical staff. By undertaking these critical tasks, medical assistants enable healthcare teams to concentrate on providing high-quality care and maintaining efficient operations.

In New Jersey, the precise roles and duties of medical assistants can vary depending on their specific work environment, from general hospitals to specialty clinics. Although New Jersey does not mandate licensure for medical assistants, obtaining certification displays expertise and dedication to continuing education in this dynamic field.

Building a career as a medical assistant offers opportunities to develop valuable skills while making a meaningful impact on patient care delivery. Below are some medical assistant career paths you can follow.

Surgical Medical Assistant

Surgical medical assistants provide support in surgical settings, assisting surgeons and the surgical team during procedures. See here for more information about their responsibilities, average salary, and qualifications.

Cardiology Medical Assistant

Cardiology medical assistants work alongside cardiologists to provide patient care and administrative support in cardiology settings. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Chiropractic Medical Assistant

Chiropractic medical assistants play a crucial role in supporting chiropractors who focus on treating mechanical disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Administrative Medical Assistant

Administrative medical assistants focus on handling administrative duties in healthcare settings. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Administrative Medical Assistant

Clinical medical assistants are an integral part of healthcare teams in clinical settings. Their primary role involves direct patient care and support for healthcare professionals. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Pediatric Medical Assistants

Pediatric medical assistants focus on providing support in pediatric healthcare settings. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Dermatology Medical Assistant

Dermatology medical assistants work alongside dermatologists in medical offices, clinics, or dermatology departments of hospitals. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Podiatric Medical Assistant

Podiatric medical assistants work in podiatrist offices, specializing in foot-related disorders and injuries. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Ophthalmologic Medical Assistant

Ophthalmologic medical assistants contribute to the care of patients with eye-related disorders and injuries in ophthalmologists’ offices. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

Obstetric Medical Assistant

For those interested in women’s healthcare, an obstetric medical assistant career may be appealing. This specialized field requires a broad knowledge of care for women of all ages and life stages. See here for more about their responsibilities, salary and qualifications.

New Jersey's Growing Need for Medical Assistants

With our dedicated focus on medical staffing, TAG MedStaffing has gained valuable insights into hiring trends for medical assistants. We have witnessed considerable growth in demand for these critical healthcare workers, particularly in New Jersey. Leveraging our extensive experience examining healthcare labor requirements, we have pinpointed key factors fueling this surge statewide.

Our on-the-ground expertise spotlights key drivers of robust demand for medical assistants across New Jersey. Read on for an in-depth look at the forces impacting this vital profession across the state.

1. Increasing Population And Aging Demographics

New Jersey’s population is growing at a swift pace. Between 2010 and 2020, the state saw population growth of over 5%, outpacing the nationwide rate. Projections show New Jersey’s population continuing to expand in the coming decade. This population uptick is occurring alongside a surge in older adults. New Jersey currently has over 2 million residents aged 55 and older, accounting for nearly 25% of the total population. This large and rising older demographic relies more heavily on healthcare services, driving heightened demand for daily assistance and care.

Facilities that fail to adequately staff medical assistants may face mounting issues with long patient wait times, care delays, administrative bottlenecks, and provider burnout. An expanding population and aging demographics in New Jersey will fuel ongoing robust demand for qualified medical assistants across diverse care settings.

2. Regional Health Networks Expanding

In recent years, New Jersey has seen rapid growth of large hospital networks and health systems with widespread regional footprints. Major health corporations have undertaken aggressive expansion efforts to consolidate market share in the state. 

As these large health systems integrate more care sites under unified banners, their appetite for hiring swells enormously. Adding hospitals, clinics and surgery centers creates significant new demand for talent acquisition across all areas – physicians, nurses and support staff like medical assistants. By centralizing certain functions, these expanding and standardizing many administrative functions, these growing mega systems are able to efficiently deploy medical assistants across all their network access points.

3. Increasing Preventative Care Emphasizes Medical Assistants’ Health Education Roles

New Jersey is witnessing a strategic push towards preventative medicine and outpatient services aimed at reducing costs and improving public health outcomes. This proactive care approach emphasizes provider coordination, health education, vaccination, screening, and routine wellness exams to help identify issues early or avoid acute episodes. As care delivery shifts from predominantly acute, inpatient settings toward proactive and continuing outpatient services, it spurs surging reliance on medical assistants.

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